swMATH ID: 9769
Software Authors: Colange, M.; Baarir, S.; Kordon, F.; Thierry-Mieg, Y.
Description: Crocodile: a symbolic/symbolic tool for the analysis of symmetric nets with bag. The use of high-level nets, such as colored Petri nets, is very convenient for modeling complex systems in order to have a compact, readable and structured specification. Symmetric Nets with Bags (SNB) were introduced to cope with this goal without introducing a burden due to the underlying complexity of the state space. The structure of bags allows through exploitation of symmetries to provide a compact quotient state space representation (similarly to the construction proposed in GreatSPN).par In this paper, we present Crocodile, the first implementation of a modeling environment and model checker dedicated to SNB. Its goal is first to be a proof of concept for experimenting the quotient graph techniques together with hierarchical set decision diagrams. A second objective is to enable experimentation of modeling techniques with this new class of Petri nets.
Homepage: http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-3-642-21834-7_20
Keywords: symmetric nets with bags; model checking; symmetries-based techniques; hierarchical set decision diagrams
Related Software: Helena; AlPiNA; GreatSPN
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