Found 10 Software Packages (Results 1–10)


Software Authors:   Bill McCune; Amor Montano, Jose Alfredo; Miranda Perea, Favio Ezequiel
Cited in: 303 Publications (1988–2022)
Related Software: TPTP; Mace4; VAMPIRE; SPASS; E Theorem Prover; SETHEO; …
Main Fields: Mathematical logic and foundations (03-XX); Order, lattices, ordered algebraic structures (06-XX); Group theory and generalizations (20-XX)


Software Authors:   Candès, Emmanuel J.; Eldar, Yonina C.; Strohmer, Thomas; Voroninski, Vladislav
Cited in: 228 Publications (2012–2022)
Related Software: Wirtinger Flow; GESPAR; PhaseMax; TFOCS; CVX; SparsePR; …
Main Fields: Harmonic analysis on Euclidean spaces (42-XX); Statistics (62-XX); Numerical analysis (65-XX)


Software Authors:   M. Kreuzer, H. Skarke
Cited in: 71 Publications (2003–2021)
Related Software: SageMath; Calabi-Yau database; TOPCOM; SINGULAR; cohomCalg; STRINGVACUA; …
Main Fields: Algebraic geometry (14-XX); Several complex variables and analytic spaces (32-XX); Differential geometry (53-XX)


Software Authors:   Wehrman, I., Stump, A., Westbrook, E.M.
Cited in: 11 Publications (2006–2018)
Related Software: mkbTT; AProVE; Tyrolean; KBCV; REVE; TPTP; …
Main Fields: Mathematical logic and foundations (03-XX); Computer science (68-XX)


Software Authors:   Vigdor, B.; Lerner, B.
Cited in: 5 Publications (2013–2020)
Related Software: Fuzzy ARTMAP; UCI-ml; NuART-Py; FuzzyART; Julia; AdaptiveResonance.jl; …
Main Fields: Statistics (62-XX); Computer science (68-XX); Game theory, economics, finance, and other social and behavioral sciences (91-XX)


Software Authors:   Winkler, Sarah; Sato, Haruhiko; Middeldorp, Aart; Kurihara, Masahito
Cited in: 6 Publications (2008–2015)
Related Software: Slothrop; Tyrolean; KBCV; REVE; AProVE; TPTP; …
Main Fields: Mathematical logic and foundations (03-XX); Computer science (68-XX)


Software Authors:   Jucovschi, Constantin; Kohlhase, Michael
Cited in: 5 Publications (2010–2013)
Related Software: TNTBase; MMT; Mizar; LaTeXML; MathML; Hets; …
Main Fields: General and overarching topics; collections (00-XX); Computer science (68-XX)

Binary Maker

Software Authors:   Bradstreet, D. H.; Steelman, D. P.
Cited in: 1 Publication (2020)
Related Software: clustervalidation; clusfind; RobPer; AS 136; dtw; Silhouettes
Main Fields: Statistics (62-XX)


Software Authors:   De Vos, Marina; Kisa, Doğa Gizem; Oetsch, Johannes; Pührer, Jörg; Tompits, Hans
Cited in: 1 Publication (2012)
Related Software: ASPUnit; ASPDoc; APE; SeaLion; Kara; ASPVIZ; …
Main Fields: Computer science (68-XX)

Network Security Policy Verification

Software Authors:   Diekmann, C.
Cited in: 1 Publication (2016)
Related Software: E Theorem Prover; Regular_Algebras; Sqrt_Babylonian; Robbins Conjecture; Archive Formal Proofs; TRAMP; …
Main Fields: Mathematical logic and foundations (03-XX); Computer science (68-XX)