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Software Authors:   Zapata, E.L.; Plata, O.G.; Rivera, F.F.; Bruguera, J.D.; Doallo, R.; Benavides, I.; Argüello, F.
Cited in: 1 Publication (1990)
Related Software:
Main Fields: Computer science (68-XX)


Software Authors:   Konovalov, N.; Krukov, V.; Pogrebtsov, A.; Sazanov, J.
Cited in: 5 Publications (1997–2017)
Related Software: TotalView; MARMOT; Guard
Main Fields: Computer science (68-XX)


Software Authors:   Lawo, Christian
Cited in: 107 Publications (1992–2021)
Related Software: C-XSC 2.0; INTLAB; PROFIL/BIAS; INTOPT_90; PASCAL-XSC; filib++; …
Main Fields: Partial differential equations (35-XX); Numerical analysis (65-XX); Computer science (68-XX)


Software Authors:   Francisco Ortin, Javier Escalada
Cited in: 0 Publications
Related Software: YARPGen; Frama-C; Python
Main Fields:


Software Authors:   Bérubé, D.; de Montigny, M.
Cited in: 1 Publication (1993)
Related Software: Mathematica
Main Fields: Nonassociative rings and algebras (17-XX)


Software Authors:   Xiaolin Wang; Masao Utiyama; Eiichiro Sumita
Cited in: 0 Publications
Related Software: CytonRL; ConvS2S; ByteNet; Seq2Seq; OpenNMT; Nematus; …
Main Fields:


Software Authors:   William Jefferys, Barbara McArthur,James McCartney
Cited in: 6 Publications (1987–2013)
Related Software: Matlab
Main Fields: Partial differential equations (35-XX); Statistics (62-XX); Numerical analysis (65-XX)


Software Authors:   Shestakov, A.I.; Prasad, M.K.; Milovich, J.L.; Gentile, N.A.; Painter, J.F.; Furnish, G.
Cited in: 9 Publications (2000–2020)
Related Software: TRHD; SESAME; MOOD; PDE.Mart; APBS; PRONTO3D
Main Fields: Numerical analysis (65-XX); Mechanics of deformable solids (74-XX); Fluid mechanics (76-XX)


Software Authors:   Kim, Jai Sam; Tolédano, J.C.; Tolédano, P.
Cited in: 1 Publication (1998)
Related Software: ISOTROPY
Main Fields: Quantum theory (81-XX); Statistical mechanics, structure of matter (82-XX)


Software Authors:   Stewart, David E.; Leyk, Zbigniew
Cited in: 82 Publications (1994–2022)
Related Software: Chrono; SIMEM3 Renault; RODAS; PATH Solver; GitHub; Adams; …
Main Fields: Numerical analysis (65-XX); Mechanics of particles and systems (70-XX); Mechanics of deformable solids (74-XX)


Software Authors:   Michelotti, Leo
Cited in: 5 Publications (1991–2018)
Related Software: ADOL-C; AMPL; ADIFOR; TAF; ADiMat; CppAD; …
Main Fields: Real functions (26-XX); Numerical analysis (65-XX); Computer science (68-XX)


Software Authors:   Daniel Diaz
Cited in: 11 Publications (1996–2016)
Related Software: Mercury; Prolog; SICStus; Python; CiaoPP; Ciao; …
Main Fields: Computer science (68-XX)