swMATH ID: 29563
Software Authors: Jordi Martorell-Marugán, Víctor González-Rumayor, Pedro Carmona-Sáez
Description: mCSEA is an R package that implements a Gene Set Enrichment Analysis method to identify DMRs from Illumina450K and EPIC array data. It is especially useful for detecting subtle, but consistent, methylation differences in complex phenotypes. mCSEA also implements functions to integrate gene expression data and to detect genes with significant correlations among methylation and gene expression patterns.
Homepage: https://bioconductor.org/packages/release/bioc/html/mCSEA.html
Dependencies: R
Keywords: Methylation; Epigenomics; Epigenetics; EWAS; microarray; Illumina; 450K; EPIC; GSEA; Gene Set Enrichment Analysis; R; Bioconductor; Bioinformatics
Related Software: COHCAP; IMA; KEGG; Enrichr; RnBeads; Bioconductor; R
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mCSEA: detecting subtle differentially methylated regions Link
Jordi Martorell-Marugán, Víctor González-Rumayor, Pedro Carmona-Sáez