swMATH ID: 22398
Software Authors: Amina Asif, Wajid Arshad Abbasi, Farzeen Munir, Asa Ben-Hur, Fayyaz ul Amir Afsar Minhas
Description: pyLEMMINGS: Large Margin Multiple Instance Classification and Ranking for Bioinformatics Applications. Motivation: A major challenge in the development of machine learning based methods in computational biology is that data may not be accurately labeled due to the time and resources required for experimentally annotating properties of proteins and DNA sequences. Standard supervised learning algorithms assume accurate instance-level labeling of training data. Multiple instance learning is a paradigm for handling such labeling ambiguities. However, the widely used large-margin classification methods for multiple instance learning are heuristic in nature with high computational requirements. In this paper, we present stochastic sub-gradient optimization large margin algorithms for multiple instance classification and ranking, and provide them in a software suite called pyLEMMINGS. Results: We have tested pyLEMMINGS on a number of bioinformatics problems as well as benchmark datasets. pyLEMMINGS has successfully been able to identify functionally important segments of proteins: binding sites in Calmodulin binding proteins, prion forming regions, and amyloid cores. pyLEMMINGS achieves state-of-the-art performance in all these tasks, demonstrating the value of multiple instance learning. Furthermore, our method has shown more than 100-fold improvement in terms of running time as compared to heuristic solutions with improved accuracy over benchmark datasets. Availability and Implementation: pyLEMMINGS python package is available for download at: this http URL
Homepage: http://faculty.pieas.edu.pk/fayyaz/software.html#pylemmings
Keywords: Multiple Instance Learning; Sequence Analysis; Protein Sequence Analysis; Prions; Amyloids; Calmodulin; Learning; arXiv cs.LG; Machine Learning; arXiv stat.ML; arXiv
Related Software: propy; PLAAC; Pegasos; AGGRESCAN; MISVM; Python
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