swMATH ID: 278
Software Authors: A.G. Abrashkevich, D.G. Abrashkevich, M.S. Kaschiev, I.V. Puzynin
Description: FESSDE 2.2: A new version of a program for the finite-element solution of the coupled-channel Schrodinger equation using high-order accuracy approximations.
Homepage: http://cpc.cs.qub.ac.uk/summaries/ACVU_v2_0.html
Programming Languages: Fortran.
Operating Systems: UNIX4.0, AIX3.2.5, SunOs4.1.2, HP/UX9.01, Irix4.05.
Keywords: Finite element method; Sturm-liouville problem; High-order accuracy; Approximations; Schrodinger equation; Eigensolutions; Ordinary; Differential equations; Atomic; Molecular; Chemical physics; General purpose.
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