swMATH ID: 2468
Software Authors: Kraus, Sarit; Kröner, Alexander; Tsaban, Lea
Description: IMAP provides software tools that support the authoring of electronic presentation by helping the author in multimedia content selection and layout design. IMAP consists of a Content Manager and a Layout Manager. In this paper we present the usage of IMAP tools for the authoring of on-line newspapers. The content selection is based both on the author’s specifications and the user’s interests, where the interrelations between objects play an important role in the evaluation of the set of objects. Layout management relies on a set of layout requirements taken from a layout profile and an author-defined style sheet. As was demonstrated in our experiments, integrating of both techniques yields interesting newspapers, whose layout can be customized by the reader.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/418cjvte284gmp5j/fulltext.pdf
Keywords: Intelligent Multimedia Authoring Tools for Electronic Publishing
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