swMATH ID: 26181
Software Authors: Eva Cantoni
Description: Resistant Nonparametric Smoothing with S-PLUS. In this paper we introduce and illustrate the use of an S-PLUS set of functions to fit M-type smoothing splines with the smoothing parameter chosen by a robust criterion (either a robust version of cross-validation or a robust version of Mallows’s Cp ). The main reference is: Cantoni, E. and Ronchetti, E. (2001). Resistant selection of the smoothing parameter for smoothing splines. Statistics and Computing, 11, 141-146.
Homepage: https://www.jstatsoft.org/v010/i02
Keywords: S-PLUS; Resistant Nonparametric Smoothing; M-type smoothing splines; Mallows Cp; Journal of Statistical Software
Related Software: S-PLUS
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