swMATH ID: 38702
Software Authors: Jakob Vanhoefer, Marta R. A. Matos, Dilan Pathirana, Yannik Schälte, Jan Hasenauer
Description: yaml2sbml is a small package in Python to convert an ODE model specified in a YAML file into SBML for ODE simulation and into PEtab for parameter fitting. yaml2sbml offers: a translator of ODE models specified in YAML into SBML/PEtab via a Python and a command-line interface; a format validator for the input YAML; and a model editor, which provides a simplified interface to generate, import and export YAML models.
Homepage: https://yaml2sbml.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
Source Code:  https://github.com/yaml2sbml-dev/yaml2sbml
Dependencies: Python
Keywords: Journal of Open Source Software; Python; yaml2sbml; convert an ODE model; YAML file; SBML; PEtab
Related Software: AMICI; PEtab; Data2Dynamics; COPASI; ScrumPy; Antimony; MOCCASIN; SimpleSBML; libSBML; Python
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