swMATH ID: 44317
Software Authors: Y. Z. Kandiev, E. A. Kashaeva, K. E. Khatuntsev, E. S. Kuropatenko, L. V. Lobanova, G. N. Lukin, A. A. Malakhov, G. N. Malyshkin, D. G. Modestov, R. F. Mukhamadiev, V. G. Orlov, S. I. Samarin, E. V. Serova, S. G. Spirina, T. V. Vakhonina, N. A. Voronina and O. V. Zatsepin
Description: PRIZMA status. Highlights: PRIZMA is a Monte Carlo code for solving fixed source and criticality problems. Particles: neutrons, gammas, electrons, positrons, ions. Application fields: nuclear and radiation safety; pulsed, thermal and fast reactors. PRIZMA is a part of package for precision core simulation through reactor campaign. Special techniques for perturbation analysis. For more than thirty years the code PRIZMA has been used at RFNC-VNIITF for solving radiation transport problems with the Monte Carlo method. The code models the separate and coupled transport of neutrons, photons, electrons, positrons and ions in one-, two-, and three-dimensional geometry. For criticality calculations the code implements the method of generations with a constant number of fission sites in one generation. Now the code is extending its capabilities for nuclear reactor calculations. The paper describes the current status of the code and gives examples of its application to particle transport in nuclear reactors and other physical facilities.
Homepage: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0306454914004782
Keywords: Particle transport Monte Carlo method Criticality calculations PRIZMA code
Related Software: ENDL; GEANT4
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