swMATH ID: 31064
Software Authors: Rauber, Andreas; Merkl, Dieter
Description: Text mining in the SOMLib digital library system: The representation of topics and genres. With the increasing amount of textual information available in electronic form, more powerful methods for exploring, searching, and organizing the available mass of information are needed to cope with this situation. This paper presents the SOMLIb digital library system, built on neural networks to provide text mining capabilities. At its foundation we use the Self-Organizing Map to provide content-based clustering of documents. By using an extended model, i.e. the Growing Hierarchical Self-Organizing Map, we can further detect subject hierarchies in a document collection, with the neural network adapting its size and structure automatically during its unsupervised training process to reflect the topical hierarchy. By mining the weight vector structure of the trained maps our system is able to select keywords describing the various topical clusters. Text mining has to incorporate more than the mere analysis of content. Structural and genre information are key in organizing and locating information. Using color-coding techniques we can integrate a structural analysis of documents based on Self-Organizing Maps into the subject-based clustering relying on metaphor graphics for intuitive visualization. We demonstrate the capabilities of the SOMLib system using collections of articles from various newspapers and magazines.
Homepage: http://www.ifs.tuwien.ac.at/~andi/somlib/publications/pub_html/rau_acmdl99/index.html
Keywords: document clustering; Self-Organizing Map (SOM); genre analysis; metaphor graphics; digital libraries
Related Software: SOM_PAK; EMD; VisualSEEk
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