swMATH ID: 936
Software Authors: Huang, Weiguang
Description: Expert system SymbMath. It is an online graphic calculator and computer algebra system. It can perform exact, numeric, symbolic and graphic computation, e.g. any order of derivative, fractional calculus, solve equation, plot data and user-defined functions, linear regression, symbolic differentation and integration, pattern-match. It is a programming language, in which you can define conditional, case, piecewise, recursive, multi-value functions and procedures, derivatives, integrals and rules. It can run on iPhone and any mobile with Internet.
Homepage: Http://mathHandbook.com
Keywords: symbolic mathematics; expert system; SymbMath
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SymbMath: A program for symbolic mathematics. Zbl 0791.65112
Huang, Weiguang

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1 Huang, Weiguang

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