swMATH ID: 4094
Software Authors: Talas̆ová, Jana
Description: NEFRIT—multicriteria decision making based on fuzzy approach NEFRIT is a software system for multicriteria evaluation of alternatives which has been developed by TESCO Systems – Software, Ltd. To a maximum extent, the system utilizes possibilities of fuzzy set theory, including applications of the theory to modelling meanings of linguistic expressions (linguistic variable theory). Fuzzy numbers model expert evaluations of alternatives according to individual criteria, fuzzy values of characteristics used for evaluation, and fuzzy objectives of individual decision criteria.par The current version of NEFRIT proceeds from the assumption that evaluation criteria are independent; an overall fuzzy utility is calculated as a weighted average of partial fuzzy utilities.par A new part of the system which enables to accept even mutual dependency among criteria has been theoretically worked out. An overall fuzzy utility function is set by a rule base and evaluation of alternatives is based on the principle of approximate reasoning. (A plan for the future is to enforce teaching algorithms based on neural networks for automatic generation of the rule base.)par NEFRIT represents a general software product with applications developed for the following fields: for banking (decision making about granting a credit), regional administration (selective procedures) and physical education and sports (selection of talented children and sportsmen).
Homepage: http://www.tescosw.cz/en/
Keywords: multicriteria decision making; additive utlity theory; fuzzy calculus; linguistic variable; rule base; approximate reasoning; fuzzy utility; fuzzy objective; fuzzy utility function
Related Software: FuzzME
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