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Software Authors: Zhu, Zhanmin; Zhang, Xiaoxiang
Description: AGQP-injective modules. Let R be a ring and let M be a right R-module with S=End(M R ). M is called ‘almost general quasi-principally injective’ (or AGQP-injective for short) if, for any 0≠s∈S, there exist a positive integer n and a left ideal X s n of S such that s n ≠0 and 𝐥 S (Ker(s n ))=Ss n ⊕X s n . Some characterizations and properties of AGQP-injective modules are given, and some properties of AGQP-injective modules with additional conditions are studied.
Homepage: http://www.emis.de/journals/HOA/IJMMS/Volume2008/469725.pdf
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Keywords: almost general quasi-principally injective modules; AGQP-injective modules; generalizations of injectivity
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AGQP-injective modules. Zbl 1160.16002
Zhu, Zhanmin; Zhang, Xiaoxiang

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