swMATH ID: 6176
Software Authors: Trif, Damian
Description: LISC – A MATLAB package for linear differential problems A MATLAB package is presented, which is based on the Lanczos tau method, useful in the Lyapunov-Schmidt (LS) method for nonlinear second-order differential boundary value problems of the type Lu=Nu. Future applications to evolution problems or bifurcation studies are also taken into account.
Homepage: http://profs.info.uaic.ro/~jromai/romaijournal/arhiva/2006/1/RJv2n1-Trif.pdf
Dependencies: Matlab
Keywords: Lanczos tau method; evolution problems; bifurcation studies
Related Software: Matlab
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LISC – A MATLAB package for linear differential problems. Zbl 1240.34001
Trif, Damian

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1 Trif, Damian

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