swMATH ID: 37714
Software Authors: Alex M. Ganose; Amy Searle; Anubhav Jain; Sinéad M. Griffin
Description: IFermi is a Python (3.6+) library and set of command-line tools for the generation, analysis, and visualisation of Fermi surfaces and Fermi slices. The goal of the library is to provide fully featured FermiSurface and FermiSlice objects that allow for easy manipulation and analysis. The main features include: Interpolation of electronic band structures onto dense k-point meshes. Extraction of Fermi surfaces and Fermi slices from electronic band structures. Projection of arbitrary properties onto Fermi surfaces and Fermi slices. Tools to calculate Fermi surface dimensionality, orientation, and averaged projections, including Fermi velocities. Interactive visualisation of Fermi surfaces and slices, with support for mayavi, plotly and matplotlib. Generation and visualisation of spin-texture. IFermi’s command-line tools only work with VASP calculations but support for additional DFT packages will be added in the future.
Homepage: https://fermisurfaces.github.io/IFermi/
Source Code:  https://github.com/fermisurfaces/IFermi
Dependencies: Python
Keywords: IFermi; python library; Fermi surface; Journal of Open Source Software; Python; quantum phenomena; doped semiconductors; thermoelectrics
Related Software: CASTEP; QuantumATK; scikit-image; MayaVi; pymatgen; BoltzTraP2; XCrySDen; FermiSurfer; Matplotlib; PyProcar; Trimesh; Python
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