swMATH ID: 38359
Software Authors: Gael Forget
Description: IndividualDisplacements.jl computes elementary point displacements over a gridded Earth domain (e.g. a climate model C-grid). A typical application is the simulation and analysis of materials moving through atmospheric flows (e.g. dust or chemicals) or oceanic flows (e.g. plastics or planktons).
Homepage: https://juliaclimate.github.io/IndividualDisplacements.jl/dev/
Source Code:  https://github.com/JuliaClimate/IndividualDisplacements.jl
Dependencies: Julia
Keywords: IndividualDisplacements.jl; Julia package; particle displacements; climate system; Journal of Open Source Software; geophysical fluids; Julia
Related Software: CBIOMES-global; FLEXPART; ECCO; OceanStateEstimation.jl; MITgcmTools.jl; MITgcm; MeshArrays.jl; OrdinaryDiffEq.jl; Julia
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