swMATH ID: 4227
Software Authors: Huang, Chung-Yuan
Description: Recent progress in multiblock hybrid structured and unstructured mesh generation We focus on the development and applications of a numerical software package, HOMESH, which uses multiblock, structured/unstructured mesh generation techniques for automatic generation of high-order finite elements. The function improvements of HOMESH include: the implementation of a two-dimensional hyperbolic grid generator, the capabilities for the generation of hybrid 3-node triangular and 4-node quadrilateral linear elements, and hybrid 6-node triangular and 8-node/9-node quadrilateral quadratic elements. In addition, various sweeping methods for three-dimensional mesh generation are incorporated in HOMESH. To verify the mesh generated by HOMESH, commercial computational fluid dynamics software packages are applied to test the data exchangeability.
Homepage: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0045782597001059
Keywords: software package HOMESH; hybrid triangular linear elements; hybrid 6 quadrilateral quadratic elements; automatic generation of high-order finite elements; two-dimensional hyperbolic grid generator; quadrilateral quadratic elements
Related Software: XFEM; GAMMA2D
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