swMATH ID: 20792
Software Authors: Liu, Hongli; Cai, Chunper; Zou, Chun
Description: An object-oriented serial implementation of a DSMC simulation package. This paper reports a scalar implementation of a multi-dimensional direct simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) package named “G̠eneralized Ṟarefied gA̠s S̠imulation P̠ackage” (GRASP). This implementation adopts a concept of simulation engine and it utilizes many Object-Oriented Programming features and software engineering design patterns. As a result, this implementation successfully resolves the problem of program functionality and interface conflictions for multi-dimensional DSMC implementations. The package has an open architecture which benefits further development and code maintenance. To reduce engineering time for three-dimensional simulations, one effective implementation is to adopt a hybrid grid scheme with a flexible data structure, which can automatically treat cubic cells adjacent to object surfaces. This package can utilize traditional structured, unstructured or hybrid grids to model multi-dimensional complex geometries and simulate rarefied non-equilibrium gas flows. Benchmark test cases indicate that this implementation has satisfactory accuracy for complex rarefied gas flow simulations.
Homepage: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0045793011003707
Keywords: DSMC implementation; hybrid grid; object-oriented Programming; rarefied gas flow
Related Software: Icarus; MONACO
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1 Computers and Fluids

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