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Software Authors: Herbert M Sauro
Description: SimpleSBML: A Python package for creating, editing, and interrogating SBML models: Verison 2.0. In this technical report, we describe a new version of SimpleSBML which provides an easier to use interface to python-libSBML allowing users of Python to more easily construct and inspect SBML based models. The most commonly used package for constructing SBML models in Python is python-libSBML based on the C/C++ library libSBML. python-libSBML is a comprehensive library with a large range of options but can be difficult for new users to learn and requires long scripts to create even the simplest models. Inspecting existing SBML models can also be difficult due to the complexity of the underlying object model. Instead, we present SimpleSBML, a package that allows users to add and inspect species, parameters, reactions, events, and rules to a libSBML model with only one command for each. Models can be exported to SBML format, and SBML files can be imported and converted to SimpleSBML commands that create each element in a new model. This allows users to create new models and edit existing models for use with other software. In the new version, a range of ‘get’ methods is provided that allows users to inspect existing SBML models without having to understand the underlying object model used by libSBML.
Homepage: http://simplesbml.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
Source Code:  https://github.com/sys-bio/simplesbml
Dependencies: Python
Keywords: Molecular Networks; arXiv_q-bio.MN; Python package; SBML models; libSBML
Related Software: libSBML; Python; Antimony; SBMLDiagrams; AMICI; PEtab; Data2Dynamics; COPASI; ScrumPy; MOCCASIN; yaml2sbml; tellurium; libRoadRunner
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SimpleSBML: A Python package for creating, editing, and interrogating SBML models: Verison 2.0
Herbert M Sauro