swMATH ID: 2943
Software Authors: Zavriev, N. K.; Pospelov, I. G.; Pospelova , L. Ya.
Description: Investigation of mathematical models of economy with tools of the system ECOMOD The specified ECOMOD system ( computer system supporting mathematical ECOnomical MODels) was created and tested by the authors. The system supports and connects all stages of the process of development and research of mathematical models: construction of a model in a view of the saved experience; check of the model on completeness and self-coordination; equipment of the model with the data etc. Here tools of the control and analysis of a model realized to the present time are described. Some results of the automatic analysis of some rather complex and realistic models of market economy are given.
Homepage: http://www.mathnet.ru/php/archive.phtml?wshow=paper&jrnid=mm&paperid=410&option_lang=eng
Keywords: mathematical models of economies; ECOMOD system
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