swMATH ID: 44177
Software Authors: Benoit Seron, Antoine Restivo
Description: BosonSampling.jl: A Julia package for quantum multi-photon interferometry. We present a free open source package for high performance simulation and numerical investigation of boson samplers and, more generally, multi-photon interferometry. Our package is written in Julia, allowing C-like performance with easy notations and fast, high-level coding. Underlying building blocks can easily be modified without complicated low-level language modifications. We present a great variety of routines for tasks related to boson sampling, such as statistical tools, optimization methods, classical samplers and validation tools.
Homepage: https://docs.juliahub.com/BosonSampling
Source Code:  https://github.com/benoitseron/BosonSampling.jl
Dependencies: Julia
Keywords: Quantum Physics; arXiv_quant-ph; Julia package; multi-photon interferometry
Related Software: Yao.jl; SatelliteToolbox.jl; Walrus; QuantumCumulants.jl; QuantumOptics.jl; QuantumInformation.jl; Oceananigans.jl; DynamicalSystems.jl; Julia
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BosonSampling.jl: A Julia package for quantum multi-photon interferometry arXiv
Benoit Seron, Antoine Restivo