swMATH ID: 822
Software Authors: Sedukhin, S.G.; Sedukhin, I.S.
Description: In the article under review, the S4CAD software tool is presented which makes it possible to synthesize and analyze a set of admissible systolic arrays for a given matrix algorithm. A systematic approach to the design is presented as a theoretical background of the S4CAD. The tool runs under graphical operating environment Microsoft Windows 3 placing at a user’s disposal convenient means for evaluation and choosing an optimal structure observing requirements of a designer, e.g., computing time, number of processing elements, topology of the structure, number of external pins, format of data flows, data pipelining period, etc. A number of basic parametrized algorithms of linear algebra and graph theory are included in the S4CAD library and, as an example, the design of a systolic structure for the transitive closure algorithm is presented.
Homepage: http://web-ext.u-aizu.ac.jp/official/researchact/annual-review/1994/sections/sectionstar2_1_4.html
Keywords: formal approach to synthesis and analysis of systolic structures; time scheduling; spatial allocation; transitive closure algorithm
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